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The Original Pilots  - Audobon Series

Birds are fascinating--- they dance between the Gods and mortals. They have a perspective no other creatures have on earth. They ask no questions about why and what they should sing or do; only they do so out of nature. They are icons of divine inspiration for millennia and are the nearest living beings to dinosaurs. They stir our souls and peak curiosity. They invite us to ponder and meditate on higher knowledge. In many cultures, they are the ambassadors of the spiritual world. I have always felt a kinship to birds, compelling thoughts of flight, freedom, and aspiration. So it was not a wonder that John James Audubon's work aroused my emotions. Recently, I was admiring the iconic illustrations and watercolors. Their beauty, elegance, and technicality capture me. These avian watercolors and illustrations are the preface for my series, a homage to John James Audubon and the extraordinary wildlife of North America's natural pilots and singers. 

The following works are sketches. It is a study of the energy or vibration birds emit and my subsequent interpretation of that awareness. Some contain John James Audubon's bird illustrations, while others are absolute artistic expression. I juxtaposed the dry dictionary definition which delineates the difference between words describing and feelings animated. The sensations derived from listening to the conversations and observing the actions are the resulting expressions. These winged creatures bring light and beauty to my everyday. These sketches are that gratitude illustrated. 

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