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I am working on a series of paintings, spotlighting my longtime fascination with faces and the microcosm of social media. I have visualized a group of strangers, 50 or so people, by only their words on a screen. I became intrigued by how my mind filtered information and perceptions to create a visual of a particular person. Individual human nature, over a lifetime, writes unconscious narratives about other people. These narratives are collected and formed by your personal experiences. Via the phenomena of social media blogging and within the context of the written word, I unconsciously assigned characteristics to each person in contact with me. By observing this idea, I became aware of not just the "common" prejudices I attributed, i.e., racism, sexism, ageism, but also the more hidden and less important preconceptions we have of people. These characteristics became voluminous, varied, and individual as fingerprints began to unravel the idea of diversity. Cubism as a tool facilitates elucidating what I see beyond the nose, the eyes, and the mouth because Cubism abandons a perspective with a single viewpoint and allows many views to represent a subject in a greater context. 

The concept of understanding how to translate words and language into a visual representation of a person served to upend diversity by demonstrating that through individual personal filters, you come full circle to commonality. 

The effects of social media are thoroughly documented. The findings are often negative on connection and society; there is integrity to these findings. However, there is always a yin and yang to everything, which is where this work resides.

About Face
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