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What they say


"Carolina’s work is as joyous and luminous as she is. Her paintings come from a true place where artist connects deeply with her subject(s). Describing a “Carolina” is describing her – colorful, intense, happy and soulful. Her compositions are unusually dynamic.  No posing necessary. She paints from the heart.  You will be blown away by her spot on intuitive sense of depicting a subject’s way of life, either actual or desired. We own five “Carolina’s” and have commissioned three more as gifts."

Ilene Mitnick, It’s an Agency Thing, llc

"This is a head bursting with ideas, unable to contain them. Carolina's subject matter is reflective and self-aware. It will be interesting to see where her art goes from here.


Corinna Clendenen Pictorial Gazette



"It was such a pleasure working with Carolina! I saw an awesome creative idea of hers and asked  her to personalize it for me! It's fun and fabulous and Carolina's heart and soul is in every inch of her work!"

Maria Zifchek, Opera Singer,

Metropolitan Opera NYC.


"Carolina was contracted to produce a 3-D full wall mural (17'x 9') that focused on teaching and learning for the front foyer of my corporate headquarters. The uniqueness of her thought process and her style lent itself perfectly to our business image. Visitors to our office are in awe of the work, it is truly an iconic piece."


Rob Sugarman, CEO TEQ Inc.

"Everyday all day they make me smile."

Judy Perry,

Artist  & Collector

“Vivid” is a good word to describe Marquez Sterling’s paintings of chickens.

Done in brilliant Caribbean colors, the playful works show the influence of Cubism, Surrealism with a bit of Folk Art thrown in.  The paintings can’t help but grab your attention.”

Susan Braden, Features Editor, Pictorial Gazette 

"In "Something Stinks Here" a work that is part political cartoon, part graphic pattern Marquez-Sterling takes on the Anita Hill hearings in an elaborate coal mining metaphor. This painting scrolls across a phalanz of gray-faced legislators.  The only spectrum color in this work is in its foreground margins where Ms. Hill is executed in warm reddish browns directs her diagonal beam of her pith helmet onto a  bright yellow canary, belly-up on the center of the table. Smartly composed, witty,polished, this work delivers it punch without apology to the landscapes, still lifes and flowers all around."

Patricia Rosoff, Hartford Advocate

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