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Why I do it

"What I dream of is an art

of balance, of purity and

serenity devoid of troubling

or depressing subject matter -

a soothing,calming

influence on the mind, ..."


Henri Matisse


"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."


Pablo Picasso




I have no agenda my aim is to simply connect.


I employ varying degrees of humor, satire and idiosyncrasy along with several art-isms to achieve this goal.


There is no theoretical meaning behind the works there is only the impulse to communicate and to celebrate the human in all of us.


The subject drives the work. The work is an expression of everyday life, events, places, people and extractions of thoughts and emotions that have absorbed and aroused me.


My goal is to communicate to the viewer that if you look closely and slow down, you can confirm all that is sublime and profound with the human ethos.  As if to reach out from the work and give the viewer a nudge in the ribs, a handshake,  a wink or share a sigh of relief.


It’s important that my work live outside theory. Theory tends to bind creativity to within a certain container. Stripping away emotion and the personal story. My work needs to be an authentic expression, where theory/container does not get in the way of communication.  I want to create work where the container happens organically depending on the content.


Theory is created of words, a language that must be learned. “Visual Art” transcends theory because it exists outside of language.   It’s instantaneous and universal.  I refuse to be tethered to the limitations imposed by theoretical expectations.


Honestly, I just want to do it….so the why is sometimes hard to get at.

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